Cold Room Rental Has Many Uses

Cold room rental is widely used around the world by events venues and hosts, restaurants, pubs, mobile caterers, for fetes and carnivals, country shows and for private parties. Facilities are also used by florists to keep plants cool in hot weather; in scientific centres and hospitals to house projects, specimens, medications and any items which must not exceed a designated temperature.

Without cold rooms, the hottest countries in the world would struggle to maintain public health and safety. Think back to summer 2018 in the UK; that was a great enough challenge for our business, education and health sectors. Even in cooler months you could find yourself and your stock by a heat source, even outside, or in a hot kitchen, under an air conditioning unit or situated on a heated flooring material, so please don’t assume that cold outside means that you’ll have natural airflow refrigeration inside. Cold room rental should not be eschewed in Alaska any more than in Aldershot or Addis Adaba.

Whenever food or drink are being served to the public in England and Wales the items must be kept fresh and at the highest quality levels; not exposed to contaminants and always in date. Legislation is comprehensive but simple to achieve. No excuses; geographical, situational or fantastical. The HSE, FSA and local authorities make no distinction between a mobile food van, a street trader, a pop-up eatery in town, or a country house restaurant or hotel.

Your ideal solution is cold room rental from a respected service provider, Icecool Trailers in Newbury, who serve a wide area in the UK.

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Cold rooms are 1.8m or 3m, with internal capacities of 5 and 8.5 cubic metres respectively.

They are competitively priced, meet legislation, are hygienic, well maintained, lockable and fully functional when delivered to the customer.

The hire firm sets up the cold room rental facilities; construction can take place on site. At the end of the hire, the unit will be deconstructed and removed by them. There are no fuel costs or time demands for the hire customer. You’re busy.

As temporary fixtures, there should be no planning permission required. However, graded properties can be the exception, so please double check.

Cold rooms can be conveniently located indoors or outside, wherever they are needed, and as units can be powered via mains or generator and worked in safely; there is increased flexibility.

Walk in cold rooms and their freezer counterparts do not have wheels so they cannot be relocated during the hire period.

Hire durations can be extended without a fuss. Please include preparation and clearance times in your hire periods; when customers elect to take the bare minimum amount of cold room rental time it saves very little money but maximises stress. Don’t fall in to that trap.

You may not be located on a Barbados beach or having a barbeque on Australia’s Gold Coast but as your guests, customers and patients expect the best performance products and safety, you should always take advantage of cold room rental for effective operations.