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Benefits of FUE over the Older Methods

When you need to grow your receding hairline, you can think of follicular unit extraction to manage the situation. It has led to much improved results as a method, and also easier to bear as a process. Punch graft and strip incision were not the most effective methods when a patient needed hair transplant to be done. This one is more desired, as it also leaves less scars after it heals.

The hair needed for such a transplant comes from the region called the donor area. The practice used to entail the cutting of strips of hair from the donor area. People ended up with huge scars on the back of their heads. They would then be forced always to keep long haircuts to cover it. The scars left would in time stretch and leave disfigured areas there.

FUE is a much improved method of hair transplant. People prefer it for the fact that it will leave you with no scars that can be easily seen. It works for those who have minimal donor hair areas. If you happen to have a tight scalp, this method will also work for you. It shall also be possible to have a short haircut once it is done. The healing period is also shorter with this method.

There are things that need to happen when you wish to have this procedure done to you. The FUE transplant surgeon needs to first examine you to determine how suitable such a procedure shall be. There is a certain threshold of donor hair and donor hair density you need to have for them to proceed. It is also important to note the extent of the baldness, and how much of it can be realistically covered. Hair transplants are possible, but only to a certain extent, depending on these factors.

FUE is where the tiny follicular units of hair in the donor region are removed and transplanted directly to the scalp in the barren region of the head. The process of removing these hair follicles will not leave you with any chopped up skin parts on your head. The scars left shall be tiny ones, the size of pin pricks on your skin. Those shall be easy to live with, as they are almost invisible. Your looks shall thus only be improved.
This method has made the older ways of doing hair transplants unnecessary. More people are asking for it. One transplant surgery can have enough hairs moved to the needed areas. This limits the number of sessions you have to take to get the job done. It shall heal up fast, and leave you enjoying the growing hair on your head. This is the best way to tackle baldness on your head.
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