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How a Vacation Travel Club Functions?

There are a number of people confused about the structure of vacation travel clubs. In reality, these travel clubs can be anything from resort properties, luxury hotel rooms that are left vacant and millions of timeshares. In an effort to recover some of the associated costs with these properties, they are offering expected vacancies at a discounted price.

After all, it’s still better to have something than nothing. Of course, to keep consumers interested and excited about their offers, they are not making the discount go in public.

What these resorts do therefore is, offering large lots of these villas and condos to other corporations to market to their consumers. Many of these properties are sold off to big companies in the industry today. In return, they are able to make up the discounted priced properties allowing them to cover for advertising expenses and generate ROI.

A great portion of properties left are sold on wholesale market value to vacation clubs. There are clubs that are also marking up these properties prior to offering them to end consumers. However, if you will be diligent, you’re going to find many of these clubs that offer properties to their exclusive members base on how much they’ve acquired it.

These are basically the real finds in travel club industry. After paying for the membership fee, the new members are given special access to the limited discounted travel deals. The discounts you can receive can be nationwide, regional or country specific which all depend on the size of the club. Few of the travel clubs you may be joining on have got hundreds of choices to its members but if you want to have access on thousands of exclusive elite rentals, you should be joining on more established vacation travel clubs.

When it comes to the selection of a reputable and reliable club, there are few aspects that you always have to keep in mind. First of all, a reputable and established club shouldn’t be charging people thousands just for them to join but, a fee of 500 to 1000 is reasonable enough. Having an accommodating and approachable concierge desk is very important when considering to join a travel club. The concierge can help in booking your vacation, help to plan a wedding or a family reunion or even offer travel tips. You can feel reluctant to join the clubs that are charging twice for anything.

Keep in mind that a good travel club is something that offers their member 4 to 5 star resort accommodation. Those vacation travel clubs that have not much to offer but hotel rooms or are gender or age specific is something you must be wary about.

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